We also do fiberglass pool repairs.  Crack repair, gel coat, resurfacing and even bowed pool walls can be repaired by our pool repair technicians. No job is too big for us.  Sunken sides, blistering surfaces, large cracks, and discoloration of fiberglass pools are all repairable.  See the pictures below of the long-term solutions for a fiberglass pool that we repaired.  Depending on the size of the job, we can offer services all across the state of Texas.

DIY Fiberglass Pool Repair is a Bad Idea

We’ve seen all to well the results of DIY work on a fiberglass pool shell.  Something as simply as adding a new LED lamp can have major complications.  A leak from a poorly sealed fixture can result in a major bulge that can eventually crack.  The good news is that even major structural damage can be repaired.  Fiberglass pool repair is a multistage process involving expensive chemicals and a very unforgiving process.  To make things worse, most botched repairs will make the final repair even more costly.  Call a professional, it’s the only recommendation we have for DIY strategies.

Fiberglass Pool Repair

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing 

Fiberglass pools in Texas have been a popular choice since the late sixties.  For the most part, they have held up to the test of time.  The core shell is usually still in good shape, but the Texas sun and pool chemicals have deteriorated the  exterior finish.   The process of repairing the exterior finish is referred to as resurfacing.  Fiberglass pool resurfacing is not inexpensive, but it is considerably less than replacement.  Your pool look like a new pool, without the extra cost.

We are based in Houston, but we regularly provide fiberglass repair all across Texas.

Fiberglass shell sides buldging

pool corner repair

fiberglass pool crack

Gel coat fiberglass resurfacing

Fiberglass pool resurfacing


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